Layered Finger Jell-O

Layered Finger Jell-O

Layered Finger Jell-O

For each colored layer:

1 3 oz package jell-o

1 pack or 1 T. unflavored gelatin

1 C. boiling water


For the white layer:

1 14 oz can sweetened condensed milk

4 packs or 4 T. unflavored gelatin

2 C. boiling water


Mix each jell-o color separately in containers. Let stand till room temperature, stirring occasionally. Mix up white layer and also let stand till room temperature, stirring occasionally.  Pour first color into 9×13 dish. Refrigerate till firm. Put 1/3 of white layer in next. Refrigerate till firm. Repeat till done. If all mixtures are at room temperature, it takes only about 7 minutes to firm up each layer so you can add the next one. Do not make the Jell-o as directed on the package. Make each package as directed above – for each package of Jell-o, add 1 package or 1 T. of gelatin and 1 C. boiling water. I was skeptical about the taste but when I carefully sliced into it this morning, I popped an end bit into my mouth and was pleasantly surprised.

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