Gram’s Baked Beans

Gram’s Baked Beans

1 1/2 C. Small White Beans

Small Onion, diced

1 Heaping tsp. Mustard

1/2 C. Catsup

2-3 T. Molasses

2-3 T. Brown Sugar

Ham Bone or Side of Bacon (not Sliced)


Soak beans overnight.  Pour off water discarding any husks.  The skins should peel when you blow on them.  Put beans in deep (not flat) baking dish.  Add water to 1 “ over beans.  Add all ingredients except ham bone.  Cook 1 hour. Add 1 tsp. salt (or to taste).  Add ham bone and bake slowly all day at 250-325.  Add water as needed so it doesn’t dry out and burn / stick.


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