IQS: Green Eggs with Ham

IQS: Green Eggs with Ham

IQS: Green Eggs with Ham

4 eggs

pinch salt

splash milk or cream

knob butter

3 T. Kale Pesto

toast, halved cherry tomatoes and slices of grilled ham, to serve


Use a fork to lightly mix the eggs, salt and milk or cream in a small bowl – not too much as you want to see a bit of yolk streaked through. Melt the butter in a frypan over medium heat, then pour in the egg mixture. Once the eggs ‘take’ a little, gently fold and lift using a flat wooden spatula – don’t stir. Pause, then fold again. After a minute, add the pesto and fold a little more until the whole lot is just soft and still a bit runny (about another minute). Remove from the heat and let sit, then gently stir to ensure it is cooked through. Serve with toast, cherry tomato halves and a few slices of grilled ham.

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