Frozen Breakfast Smoothie Pops

Frozen Breakfast Smoothie Pops

Frozen Breakfast Smoothie Pops

1 C. chilled pure coconut water

1 C. vanilla-flavored Greek-style yogurt

1 C. frozen mango chunks

2 T. grated orange rind

2 oranges, separated into segments, seeds removed

1 T. large-flake rolled oats

1 to 3 T. softened coconut oil


In a blender, combine coconut water, yogurt, mango, orange rind, orange segments, rolled oats and oil. Secure lid and blend until smooth. Spoon into frozen pop containers and freeze for at least 4 hours or overnight.  Frozen mango chunks make this smoothie or frozen pop very thick, but you can use fresh mango, if desired. Try 1 C. frozen berries in place of the mango. You can substitute instant oats for the large-flake rolled oats.  If you’re new to using coconut oil, you may wish to start with 1 tsp. of coconut oil and gradually increase to 2 T. over time.


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