15-Minute Chicken Salad

15-Minute Chicken Salad

1 package cooked chicken breast strips, chopped

1 package cooked fresh fruit salad* (located in produce department)

2 T. mayonnaise

Juice from 1/4 orange

1/2 C. coarsely chopped walnuts

1/4 C. chopped Vidalia onion (or thinly sliced)

1/8 tsp. pepper blend or lemon pepper

1 sliced orange

Garnish with mint or cilantro


Combine chicken and salsa in a bowl and toss to mix. Add mayonnaise and orange juice and toss to mix well and coat all ingredients. Stir in onions and walnuts. Season with pepper. To serve, arrange orange slices on plate. Spoon chicken salad in center of oranges and garnish with mint.  *To make your own fruit salsa, select fresh fruit such as strawberry, pear, apple melon, mango, peach or your favorite fruit; a bit of juice, such as orange, lemon or lime; a bit of sugar; and chopped mint or cilantro.

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