Ma’s Clam Soup

Ma’s Clam Soup

1 pkg. Bacon

1 Large Onion

2 Can Minced Clams


2 Ribs Celery

8 Potatoes


Cut bacon fine and dice onion. Sauté together until bacon is crisp and onion browns on edges. Dice celery and cook in 5 quart pot no more than 1/2 full of water.  Peel 6-8 potatoes (depending on how much you like potatoes) and cut into chunks.  Add potatoes to celery water and cook until potatoes are done.  Try to use as little water as possible, with water just covering potatoes.  If you have to pour off water you lose flavor and vitamins. Add bacon and onion to potatoes.  Add milk to taste.  Add clams.

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