Grilled Seafood Packet – Shrimp & Clams with White Wine, Herbs, and Garlic Toast

Grilled Seafood Packet – Shrimp & Clams with White Wine, Herbs, and Garlic Toast

Grilled Seafood Packet – Shrimp & Clams with White Wine, Herbs, and Garlic Toast

1 lb. Cockles or Clams

1 lb. Shrimp (deveined)

2 tsp. Fresh Parsley (chopped)

2 tsp. Fresh Basil (chopped)

2 tsp. Fresh Oregano (chopped)

2 whole Plum Tomatoes (deseeded and small dice)

4 cloves Garlic (3 cloves minced and 1 left whole)

1 whole Shallot (thinly sliced)

1/2 tsp. Crushed Red Pepper Flakes

1 tsp. Kosher Salt

1/2 C. White Wine

2 tsp. Unsalted Butter (each tsp. diced into 6 pieces-12pieces total)

As Needed Extra Virgin Olive Oil

4 slices French Baguette

2 wedges Lemon


Soak the clams in water for 20 minutes to wash out the sand. After the clams have soaked lift them out of the water into a bowl and set aside. Combine the chopped parsley, basil, and oregano in a small bowl and set aside. In a larger bowl, combine the diced tomatoes, 3 minced garlic cloves, sliced shallots, and half of the herb mix. Reserve the rest of the herb mix for garnishing. Stir until everything is evenly distributed and set aside. Rip 4 two-feet long sheets of aluminum foil. Lay one sheet of foil horizontally and another on top of that sheet vertically so that the two sheets are perpendicular to each other and form a plus sign. Repeat with the other 2 sheets of foil. Pull up the edges of the foil pouches so that they form a bowl shape. Preheat your grill on high heat. Divide the clams and shrimp between the two foil pouches. Sprinkle half of the crushed red pepper flakes (1/4 tsp) in one pouch and sprinkle the other half (1/4 tsp) into the other pouch. Repeat this step with the kosher salt. 1/2 tsp. in one pouch and 1/2 tsp. in the other. Then pour half of the white wine into one pouch and the other half in the second pouch. Dot each pouch with 6 pieces of butter on top. Close the pouches by pulling up the edges of the foil into a bundle and folding them over until they’re sealed. Once your grill has heated, place the pouches onto the grill for about 10 minutes until most of the clam shells have opened. Then reduce the heat to low and finish cooking the pouches in indirect heat for 5 minutes to allow the shrimp to finish cooking. When the seafood has cooked, remove the pouches from the grill and set aside. Heating your grill back on high, brush the slices of French baguette with olive oil on both sides. Place the slices on the grill until they have toasted and slightly browned. Remove the bread from the grill and rub both sides with the whole garlic clove. Open the pouches and serve with the toasted garlic bread and lemon wedges. Enjoy! Notes: This recipe can serve 2 as a main dish or 3-4 as a side

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