Nettle and Sorrel Omelet

Nettle and Sorrel Omelet

Nettle and Sorrel Omelet

4 eggs

About 1 dessert spoon butter

½ large onion, finely chopped

1 clove garlic, finely chopped

Small knob of fresh horseradish, grated

A large handful of young nettle, chopped

A small handful of sorrel, chopped


Heat half the butter in a small pan. Put in the onion and garlic and sweat until soft. Add the horseradish, nettles, and sorrel, stir and take off the heat. Meanwhile crack the eggs into a bowl, season and whisk very lightly with a fork. Heat the rest of the butter in an omelet pan or small frying pan and tilt it so that the butter coats all the base and sides. When it foams (before it colors) put in the eggs. With your fork, draw the egg continuously from the outside into the center, tilting and shaking the pan as you do so, so that more liquid egg takes its place. Once it starts to firm up underneath, turn the heat down, spoon the nettle and sorrel mixture on to the left-hand side of the omelet (if you are right handed) then tilt the pan and slide it on to your plate, folding the top over with your fork as you do so. The omelet should be nice and soft in the middle. Eat immediately.

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