LTS Sprouted Seed Sushi

LTS Sprouted Seed Sushi

LTS Sprouted Seed Sushi


2-3 T. alfalfa seeds

Bottled water

Nori (sheets of dried seaweed)

1 can of asparagus

1 can of crab

Low-sodium soy sauce

Wasabi powder, mixed with water per directions to form wasabi paste


To sprout seeds: Place in a jar or container with holes poked in the lid. Add l C. water and soak for 8-12 hours. Rinse and drain; repeat this process for 3 days. Then place jar and seeds in a space that has light (even a little bit of light will work). Keep rinsing and draining for 2-3 more days; you will have a lot of sprouts at this point! Lay out nori sheets. Drain cans of crab and asparagus. In the first 1/3 of the sheet lay out sprouts, asparagus and crab. Roll everything up and seal the outer edge of the nori sheet with a little bit of water. Cut each roll into 5-6 pieces. Serve with soy and wasabi paste.

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