Canned Sugared Lemon Slices in Syrup

Canned Sugared Lemon Slices in Syrup

Canned Sugared Lemon Slices in Syrup

16 half pints, 8 pints


32 lemons, sliced thin with juice

4 cups sugar

4 cups water

1⁄4 cup salt

1⁄4 cup red-hot candies (optional)


Slice lemons as thin as you can get without breaking the rind. Save all the juice when you are slicing the lemons.(Add the lemon juice to the syrup.). Wash and sterilize 8 pint jars, wide mouth if you have. Heat the jars in the oven upside down in a pan with water 250* Heat seals in water. In large kettle, add water, sugar and salt. Turn heat to medium and dissolve sugar, do not burn, stir. Have a hot water bath canner ready with water heating. Pack lemon slices in jars, about 4 lemons per jar. Pack tight. Add syrup carefully. Make sure there are no air pockets, stick knife gently down the sides. Wipe each jar rim with a hot damp cloth, Place seal and ring on jar. Place jars in canner and process in hot water bath 20 minutes. Make sure boiling water is over the tops of the jars. Note: If you want the syrup to have more color and flavor, add the red hot cinnamon candies to the syrup and stir until they dissolve when making the syrup. Take out of the canner and place on a towel out of drafts until they seal. You can also turn upside down if you wish.

Makes 16 half pints. Excellent Christmas gifts. Attach a card listing the uses.


Originally, I made this recipe to use in a lemon upside down cake and from there used a standard sweet canning syrup. The sweet & sour syrup can be used as a base, then soy sauce/ginger or any other spice added, thickened for oriental dishes. The lemon slices can be used as garnish, drinks, cakes, breads, rind can also be used. This recipe is multiple use. I have used the slices to decorate cakes.

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