Pumpkin Spice Sugar Cookies

Pumpkin Spice Sugar Cookies

Pumpkin Spice Sugar Cookies

3 C. all-purpose flour

½ tsp. salt

2 tsp. baking powder

2 T. plus one tsp. of pumpkin pie spice

2 sticks softened butter (8 ounces)

1 C. white sugar

1/3 C. dark molasses

1 large egg

1 C. canned pumpkin puree

1½ to 2 C. Demerara or Turbinado sugar


In a medium bowl, sift flour, salt, baking powder and pumpkin spice and set aside. In the bowl of a stand mixer with the paddle attachment, cream butter, white sugar and molasses until fluffy, about 3-4 minutes. Add egg and beat for 30 seconds. Scrape sides of bowl and mix again. Add pumpkin puree and beat until mixed. Add dry ingredients on low speed until thoroughly mixed. The dough will be sticky but easier to manage once they firm up under refrigeration. Divide dough into four logs, eight inches long. Seal each one in plastic wrap and refrigerate for 60 minutes or longer. Preheat oven to 325 degrees. On a cutting board, unwrap one log, then cut it into quarters. Then cut each quarter into thirds, yielding 12 cookies per log. Repeat for other three logs – you will have 48 pieces. The dough will still be a bit sticky but easier to handle once rolled in the Demerara sugar. Pour the Demerara sugar into a pie plate. Line four cookie sheets with parchment paper or if nonstick, no parchment needed. Roll each slice in the sugar on the edges and both sides, pressing down slightly and then place on the pans; 12 per pan. Bake one pan 12 to 13 minutes until cookies start to dry out around the edges but are still soft in the middle. Ours took exactly 12 minutes but ovens differ, and cookie sheets differ. Repeat for the other three pans. When they come out, let them sit on the pan for five minutes then transfer to cooling racks using a spatula to remove them. Cool completely. Once they are cooled, they will be firmer and easier to handle but they are a delicate cookie so be gentle.

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