Polish Split Pea Soup {GROCHÓWKA}

Polish Split Pea Soup {GROCHÓWKA}

Polish Split Pea Soup {GROCHÓWKA}

2 C. / 16 oz / 454 g of yellow split peas

8 C. / 2 liters of vegetable (or chicken) broth

A small piece (about 6-7 oz / 200 g) of smoked meat of choice (smoked turkey wing, or a leftover piece of ham, a couple smoked ribs or home-smoked bacon)

3 small carrots

6 small/medium potatoes

2 tbs of butter

1/2 of a medium onion, chopped


1 tbs of dried marjoram


Wash peas and take out any impurities. Place in pot with broth and smoked meat (add salt to taste, if broth isn’t salty). Bring to boil and simmer on low for 35 min.  In the mean time, peel and slice carrots, peel and cube potatoes (keep in water, so they don’t brown). After 35 min add vegetables to the soup and boil for another 20 min, or until peas cook and dissolve into the soup.  When cooked add onion sautéed in butter and marjoram. Taste. Add salt, if needed.

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