WIW: Waffled Cuban Sandwich

WIW: Waffled Cuban Sandwich

WIW: Waffled Cuban Sandwich

1 crusty Sandwich Roll or Individual Ciabatta Loaf

1 T. yellow mustard

3 oz. cooked ham, thinly sliced

3 oz. cooked pork loin, thinly sliced

3 oz. Swiss cheese, thinly sliced

2 dill pickles, thinly sliced lengthwise


Preheat the waffle iron on low. Split the bread into top and bottom halves, hollow it out a bit to make room for the meat, and spread the mustard across both slices. Assemble the ham, pork loin, cheese, and pickles between the pieces of bread. Press down on the sandwich to compact it a bit and place it in the waffle iron, as far away from the hinge as possible. (This allows the lid to press down on the sandwich more evenly.) Close the lid of the waffle iron and cook for 5 minutes. About halfway through, you may need to rotate the sandwich 180 degrees to ensure even pressure and cooking. If you’d like, you can press down on the lid of the waffle iron a bit to compact the sandwich, but do so carefully—the lid could be very hot. Remove the sandwich from the waffle iron when the cheese is thoroughly melted. Cut the sandwich in half, or diagonally, and serve.

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