Lilac Jelly

Lilac Jelly

Lilac Jelly

4 c. lilac flowers

4 c. sugar

1 pkg. or 6 tbsp. powdered pectin

3 tbsp. lemon juice

1/4 tsp. butter


Rinse lilac flowers in a colander and remove stems. Place flowers in a bowl and cover them with 4 cups of boiling water. You are essentially going to make “lilac tea.” Let the lilac mixture sit for about an hour. Pour the mixture through a fine mesh strainer to remove the lilac flowers. You should end up with a clear liquid. If not, try pouring it through the strainer again. Measure the tea, adding a little water if necessary to get exactly 4 cups of liquid. Stir in lemon juice. The liquid should change in color to be similar to the original color of the lilacs. The darker the lilacs, the darker the color of the jelly. Violet colored lilacs will make a rose colored jelly. Experiment with different flower colors! Pour liquid into a large stock pot. Sprinkle the pectin on top of the juice and use a whisk to mix it together. Stirring constantly, heat until boiling. Boil for one minute. Add the pinch of butter and return to a boil. Add the sugar to the pot all at one time (measure it and have it ready ahead of time). Stir until sugar is dissolved. Return to a boil and boil for one minute.  How to make and can homemade lilac jelly from fresh lilac flowers. A unique gift idea with a wonderfully floral taste and scent!


Canning Instructions:  Remove the pan from the heat. Remove any foam with a metal spoon. Ladle the jelly into hot sterilized jars, leaving ¼ inch head space, and process in boiling water canner for 5 minutes.  Remove the jars from the canner and place on a towel on the kitchen counter to cool. Sealed jars can be stored in the pantry for 1-2 years. If you have any jars that do not seal, just place them in the refrigerator to eat in the next month or two.  Jelly can take a day or two to set completely, so don’t disturb it for a couple days even if it doesn’t set completely.

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