New Fashioned Pimento Cheese

New Fashioned Pimento Cheese

2 C. shredded Cheddar Cheese
2oz. jar Pimiento Peppers, drained
1 T. minced Onion
Dash Worcestershire
¼ C. Mayonnaise

Place first 4 ingredients in a bowl and stir to combine. Fold in mayonnaise until everything is well blended. Season to taste with pepper.

Ways to Use Pimento Cheese

9183209_f2601. Serve on small baguette rounds
2. Spread on half and English muffin and broil until cheese bubbles
3. Add to a grilled burger
4. Tuck it inside a baked potato
5. Add to a BLT
6. Pimento Grilled Cheese Sandwich
7. Add a dollop to the top of a small biscuit, garnish with a bit of prosciutto and a piece of baby arugula or microgreens
8. Replace some of the mayo in deviled eggs with pimento cheese
9. Spread on celery sticks

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