5 Fast and Fabulous Dips

5 Fast and Fabulous Dips

Stir together a full jar of Thai peanut sauce, a little bit of pancake syrup, a dash of hot pepper sauce, and a squeeze of ketchup. You’ll wind up with a sweet, tangy peanut sauce with a kick!

Mix equal parts mayonnaise and honey-flavored mustard for a great sauce to dip chicken nuggets in.

Begin again with mayonnaise, but this time add a dollup of ketchup, a spoonful of pickle relish, and a dash of hot pepper sauce for a speedy rémoulade. Serve with boiled shrimp or crab cakes.

Start with your favorite bottled Italian salad dressing and squeeze in some fresh lime juice. Add a pinch of sugar and a handful of chopped fresh cilantro. Now it’ll be your favorite Mexican dip.

Don’t forget the classic: a packet of dried onion soup mix and a container of sour cream. A chip couldn’t ask for anything better.

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