Kidlet complained yesterday that his lunch needed to be bigger, so today I used a large container and packed quite a lot.  I don’t expect him to eat it all, but want to see if I can get a sense of what the right amount would be.  The 320ml boxes are definitely too small unless I also send a little side car of something.  I know the 650ml whatever are too big.  The problem is that I haven’t had a lot of luck finding that middle size (480?) in a single layer with locking lids, and I’ve been reluctant to use belted boxes.  Just this past summer he was struggling with multi-layer boxes and the one time I tried a belted box, it was a disaster as he still has a tendency to swing his box around and the belt slipped and well, you can imagine the mess!

(Really Ugly) ham and cheese rolls, grapes, crackers, carrots, tomatoes and ranch dressing.