I bought a new pocket sandwich maker.  It’s not much more than a glorified cookie cutter honestly, with just a slightly wider rim for sealing the edges.  It does automatically press the facial features in though.  I’d wanted to emphasize those by filling them in with some meat and cheese accents and kidlet emphatically said NO CHEESE.  How can someone be tired of cheese.  Is that even humanly possible.  Only bacon exceeds cheese in its culinary greatness in my opinion! ;)  I had to remake the sandwich (which was ham and cheddar) even.  Oh well, mom gets a sandwich snack!

I will say that I think these types of pocket sandwich makers don’t work nearly as well with American bread as they probably do with Japanese bread, which seems to be somehow smoother looking, denser and more pliable.

Teddy Bear pocket sandwich (natural PB and homemade low sugar jam), blueberries and strawberries, carrots (quite a few more under the sandwich).