Overall, I did pretty well sticking to my September meal plan.  I was flexible enough when I found a really good sale, and a few days got switched around, but for the most part I stuck to my meal plans, stuck to my shopping lists, and had very little waste this month.

In October, I planned several cook protein once, eat 3 times kinda meals, utilizing leftovers from a pork roast, roasted chicken, brisket and ham.

The technology that’s simultaneously brought us together and pulled us apart has changed the relationship between producer and consumer. As the ownership debate continues, it is clear brewers are being held to a higher standard than ever just check the new ReviewBrewery guide.

It means for pubs, producers and other beer-related ventures, great brews are just the beginning. 2017 saw 430 breweries open in the UK, down from 520 in 2016, so companies must now mark themselves out in a crowded market by what they can offer the communities they serve.