This bento was put together without a plan.  For my cute / character bentos, I usually have sketched it out and have a basic idea of what is going into it and roughly where (altho its never set in stone!).  I had planned to make mini pita pockets, but I’d frozen the bread, and it thawed out hard and solid and wouldn’t open nicely.  So, this is a “what do we have in the house right now that I can use instead” meal.  I think it came out ok though, plenty of color and tasty looking.

Kindergarteb Bento 13

Puff pastry pepperoni pizza bites, lil’ smokies, 1/2 egg, checkered apple, black flame grapes, cheese and sweet potato hearts, tiny fresh mozzarella balls (Ciliegine) and peas on picks.  Mr. Froggy has lemon pepper for the egg.

Time taken: I put it together last night while watching Amazing Race with DH, so I was a bit distracted.  I was at it 45 minutes or so, but that was not solid work time.