I got almost everything done that I wanted.  I didn’t get things cleaned up as much as I’d like though.  It’s just still so difficult since Baby L doesn’t want to be set down, even when napping.  I did get my freezers and pantry inventoried and about have my meal plan done.  I think I’ll be participating in Menu Plan Monday over at Organizing Junkie, so will be posting that tomorrow.  I did make it to the farmers market and the asian market (they didn’t have quail eggs grr!  I planned to spend some of my lunch budget on those because they are so cute and fit so well in a bento!) with the kidlet, but since I didn’t have my menu quite finished, didn’t make it to the regular grocery.  For me and my weight loss goals, I think I’ll basically plan a couple of breakfasts and lunches, cook multiple portions and just eat the same things for a week in those meals.

Haven’t posted any kid pictures lately — you can see they didn’t want to cooperate and show thier beautiful smiling faces!  Baby L has been laughing for the past week or so — it’s about the cutest thing you’ve ever heard, an adorable little chortle.  I think she is starting to look more like daddy too.