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Kidlet officially has Asperger’s with major sensory processing issues (not that we didn’t already know that for months).  I will leave it at that un-emotionally changred sentence for now.  I assure you, reality is far from un-emotional.

Kidlet informed me some time ago that cute bento lunches were not appropriate for his age (whatever!).  I still pack his meals in laptop lunchboxes or bento boxes, but they aren’t worth photographing.

Baby L is no baby!  Not quite 3, but way “too” bright.  I have struggled with tot school because her knowledge exceeds her age. Far exceeds it.  She has known her alphabet (and not just singing it, but being able to identify letters at random, upper and lower) for a year and knows the sounds of most letters, counts to 30 on her own (and rocognizes, in random order written numbers to 20, plus the 10’s to 100), can tell you how many objects are in a group without actually counting them, up to 5 easily, knows all her colors, all the basic shapes, can expand on patterns, sorts by at least 2 different criteria (round & blue for instance), and on and on.

Her motor skills are age 2, so much writing isn’t possible (although we have been doing various pre-writing activities and fine motor activities with tweezers and eyedroppers, etc to prepare her), and she certainly isn’t holding writing utensils correctly, or able to use scissors.  And emotionally she is 2.  She isn’t ready for more advanced “work”, and it’s been VERY challenging for mom to find activities that will interest the 2 year old who has the”academic” knowledge of a 4 year old and are actually doable by said 2 year old.

Emotionally, I am a wreck, and physically, there hasn’t been a lot of change.  I’ve lost maybe 15 pounds since Baby L was born.