We’re alive and kicking. 

Mostly been packing regular laptop lunches or having hot lunch.  I’m quite sad about that, because I’m missing opportunities for Halloween bento, which are by far my favorite to do!

Tot school goes on, but Baby L and I have been sick for 4 out of the last 5 weeks.  We’re really sick for a few days, then just a little sick, then it lingers on a few more — and then we get sick all over again.  L is getting tot school time, but I’m not planning ahead very well, and I’ve not been documenting what we do, so no posts there.

I’m spending ridiculous hours a week on my volunteer jobs at Kidlet’s school (this is the last week of intense work for one of them thankfully).   I’ll still be spending about 4-6 hours a week volunteering in the classroom, and the Art Lit coordinator job I’m doing does take quite a bit of time in prepping the lessons, teaching the parent class and then presenting it to my son’s class, but we only do a new artist/culture every month or so, so it shouldn’t be as time consuming as the volunteer coordinator job has been in finding people to chair events, and filling holes for classroom helpers, etc.