I picked up a few sets of plush food sets at Ikea and have them in a basket for tot school this week, but I find there are a couple in the vegetable set that I really don’t know what they are supposed to be.

I suppose my best guess on the lower one is cucumber. { Although I don’t think the center of a cucumber looks very star like.}  I am 100% at a loss on the one in the back.  If it wasn’t such a pain to get pictures off my camera (I’m having to have the hubby put them onto his machine, upload them to the internet, and then I can download them to my machine) I would get a better picture of that one in the back.  It’s got a bulbous bottom with garlic like stringy bits, a couple straight leek-like leaves, but only part way up, and the center is a cylindrical light green thing with a swirl on top.

Maybe they are some kind of foreign local Swedish vegetables. 😉


OK, here it is.  What is it?!