Kidlet has already been exposed to the idea of states of matter.  We’ve talked about solids, liquids and gases for a while now, done experiments with water, ice, gelatin, and so on.  I created this folder to review, and to quiz him on his understanding of states of matter.

States of Matter 1

The labels for the envellopes came from Instant Display.  I glued them onto the envellopes, and then attached the envellops to the file folder using double sided foam tape to raise them up slightly and make it easier for the tokens to slide into place (below)

states of matter 4

states of matter 2

The tokens came from all over the place.  Some were individual images that I sought out with google image search (when I was looking for a specific thing like “clouds”), others came from an image search for “states of matter” where I snagged a few collections of images, and still more came from a different FFG posted at 4shared (only a few of those those; the resolution is kinda yucky on them).  Most are images with a caption written on them, some are simply the name of an item that he has to read to sort (ie “Apple Juice” you see in the picture) and a few are even more difficult — a written description of a property of a solid, liquid or gas (as in “this state has a definite volume” token you can see in the photo). 

He has had no trouble sorting these at all.  Occasionally he’ll have to think a little bit (like where does he put the Sun, now that TMBG has told him that its plasma, not gas LOL), but overall, he has got the concept down.  I guess next its time to talk about the water cycle, or changing states of matter.