Elephants were requested by Kidlet today.  The box is a new lock and lock that I picked up from Uwajimaya yesterday. I want to post about that trip, it was a good one!  Probably tomorrow.  There’s no school, so most likely no bento to post anyway.

Kindergarten Bento #40

PB and honey on whole wheat, a lunchmeat (hand cut) and cheese baby (cookie cutter) elephant, fresh mozzarella, broccoli, daikon sprouts, carrot (underneath), mandarain oranges in the foil cup (which has cute zoo animals on it, shame you can’t see them in the picture!), raspberries and dragonfruit.  The little stars that the elephant is shooting out like water are those dissolvable puffs for an infants first finger foods by Gerber. 

Dragonfruit are a first for us.  Another find at the Asian market yesterday.  I talked about it to the kidlet, so hopefully he will try it and not ignore it because it looks different!

 Time Taken: 25 minutes.  I think I spent at least 5 of that staring at the dragonfruit and trying to figure out how to open it though 😉