I don’t know if a giraffe is actually a grasslands animal.  They eat leaves, which means they need trees and there aren’t a lot of trees in the grasslands?  I don’t know; the unit information page had little mini animals printed all over it, and it had giraffes and I adore them; Giraffes are my “can’t miss” animals when we head to the zoo, even if they are in the Africa section, which is the longest walk ;)  So, whether they are grasslands animals are not, today features them!


Happy cheese giraffe, a couple of small cheese giraffes actually done with a cutter, English muffin pizza with pepperoni, ham and mozzarella skewers, blackberries and checkered apple, broccoli, carrots cut into giraffe heads, cherry tomato and a few summer squash match sticks.  Oh, and some cucumber cut into little shapes that are supposed to look like acacia leaves, but don’t.

Time taken: 30 minutes (15 minutes, then walked away to do some other things while the pizza and steamed veggies cooled down, and then 15 more minutes assembling).