As I mentioned yesterday, shy little kitten was requested, but without nori I didn’t think I could do it, so we just went  with cheese.  This is the tabby version of the shy little kitten I guess!

Kindergarten Bento 17

Pizza cut into star shapes under the cheese kitty.  Raspberries, blackberries, plum, broccoli and carrot flowers with little radish centers.

Not terribly happy with this one.  I didn’t get the kitten wrapped up very well.  The food coloring hadn’t dried and I was worried about smearing, so I wrapped it too loosely.  So some of the edges of the cheese dried a little, ick.  The butterfly dried up even worse, and didn’t make it to the box.  I was out of leafy lettuce to line the edges to disguise where you can see the bottom, and out of blueberries or black flame grapes, so I didn’t have any tiny fillers for the job either.  I wanted to put some tufts of chives in to make the grass he was frolicking in, but the kidlet said “gross, take those out mommy”.

On the plus side, aside from the drying out, I thought the kitty came out well.  The colors are nice, and Kidlet thought the lunch was awesome.

Time taken: 15 minutes on carrot flowers, kitten and (unused) butterfly last night, 8 minutes assembly this morning.