I still can’t unpload and resize pictures with wordpress.  I’m using an external ftp program to get the photo uploaded, which sucks because it doesn’t get put into the media library for management.  And then I have to resize by eye, so I’m not sure I’m keeping proper proportions.  Very annoying!

Easy bento today.  Tomorrow, perhaps not so much.  When I was figuring out what “little” bento to do, I considering a classic golden book that the kidlet really loves, “The Shy Little Kitten”.  I sketched it all out, experimented with painting food colors and discarded the idea because its all white, gray and black – and the Kidlet doesn’t like anything I do that is black.  He won’t eat nori.  Overpainted / colored food turns him off (even though I’ve got “no taste” colors by Wilton).  I just don’t see any way to make the shy kitten work.  This morning, though, the Kidlet spied my sketch and asked for the shy little kitten for tomorrows lunch.  I told him that I didn’t think I could do it because he doesn’t like any black foods and he said “You can make a rainbow shy kitten, mommy.”  Oh boy.  Hopefully I will be able to get away with a generic kitten.

Beef smoked sausage under cheese flowers (pomegranate seed centers), held in place with mozzarella balls. Raspberries, blackberries, yellow cauliflower, celery and radish flowers.  I am not thrilled with the amount of processed sausages and lunch meats that the Kidlet eats.  Unfortunately, he is going through a phase where he doesn’t like any solid meats at all.  I’ve been buying from trader joe’s, getting organic when I can (I actually don’t feel strongly in organic foods, but in theory I’m getting foods with fewer chemicals and nitrates and all that stuff in it), and hoping that this solid meat boycott is temporary.  I even tried the teriyaki baked tofu that Wendolonia’s wee one likes so much, but he rejected that big time.  He *will* eat shrimp and fish, and I’m going to try and plan ahead to start including those things.

Anyway, he had the sausages for dinner yesterday, so I had cooked extra for today.  This morning I just had to cut out the flowers, lightly steam the cauliflower and assemble, 10 minutes, tops.

Today’s box is “Sucre Pink”.  Which I really love.  It’s a good size. It’s a single tier, which we prefer.  It has 3 divider inserts so if I want to pack something saucy, that is easily done without external cups.  It’s got the lock down lid that is the only way to go here (no way kidlet is messing with belts right now). 

Basically, its just like “Leaflet Tight“, except its a 430ml box, not 650ml — (and the 650ml is really too much food for kidlet, even if its my favorite box for character/cute theme because its bigger and has more room so I don’t have to make characters quite so small.  Smaller is harder!)  Unfortunately, its pink, and while the Kidlet isn’t rejecting ‘girl” colors yet, I expect that he will soon.  Other kids in his class aren’t as open minded about gender roles, colors, etc.  Originally this box was available in blue and orange, but by the time I started buying boxes, I could only find the pink.  I would really like to find another box or two just like this, except in boyish color or theme. 

Does anyone out there know a mail order source for a box with these requirements?  

Single Tier

450ml – ish

Divider inserts that use the whole space

Tight locking clamp seal

“Boyish” color or theme