Danger, Danger Will Robinson!

I’ve avowed no more packages from Japan for a while.  My stash of Bento goodies is ridiculous, it really is.  I’ll snap some photos and post them later; you’ll see what I mean.  You’d never know I’ve only been regularly bento-ing for a couple weeks; it looks like I’ve been at it for years from the pile.

Now, Bento Beginner has introduced me to a new shopping site!  It’s in French, and I barely remember enough high school French to get by, but shopping is the same the whole world over it seems, for I’m having no trouble figuring out how to get things into my cart.  And look, they even take paypal.

Aren’t these the most adorable mayo cups ever (click the picture to follow the link to see better shots of them)?  I have no idea how much 2.50 euros are in dollars, but all I know is that this package wouldn’t be coming from Japan! 😉

Here’s a question though — if Bento is a primarily Japanese phenomena, and this site caters to French bento enthusists, why are the cups labeled in English?