This bento was done in one of our big boxes so that I could fit a whole sandwich with the map on it.  I can’t claim credit for the map idea; I saw it done as a quesadilla and just converted it to a sandwich topper for Kidlet’s bento. I put it in the oven on very very low just long enough to soften up the cheese so that the pieces wouldn’t fall off before lunch.  It remains to be seen if it dries it out too much and he will or won’t eat it. 

Treasure map ham and cheese sandwich (with bell pepper accents that I know he will pull off and toss).  Grapes, blueberries and golden raspberries.  Cherry tomato and carrots with ranch.  A little golden “treasure chest” of chocolate and a babybel cheese pirate.  I really love how he came out, even though kidlet *will* pull off the nori.

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