Yesterday Baby L did her first real art project.  I took clear contact paper in a cardstock frame (I had leftovers from the Frank Lloyd Wright presentation I did for art lit) and a box of styrofoam, textured paper, and tissue paper hearts and strips (leftover from the collage card project I did with Kidlet’s class for their friendship party) and set her up in her high chair.

I let her pick a few things at a time from the box and showed her how to stick it to the contact paper and press it down.  I just let her go until she got bored with it. 

The finished project.

I did occasionally rotate the paper to put a more unfinished area closer to her.  Suprisingly, I didn’t really have to trim anything from around the edges.  She placed a few items so that they hung over a little bit, but mostly kept to the sticky bits.