Using materials from Take It To Your Seat Math Centers (K-1) from Evan-Moor Educational Publishers (just this activity is available for download for just a few dollars as well),  some extra bugs that I’m sure I downloaded on, but can’t find now, contact paper to “laminate” and improve durability, and markers to decorate, I set up this file folder game. 

Bug jar 1

I made way more bugs than we would need for Kidlet’s purpose (early addition), because I figure someday baby L can use them for sorting and creating patterns (things that kidlet is well beyond needing practice at doing)

Bug Jar 2

Kidlet takes a handful of bugs and puts them in the jar, counts how many of each type there are, and writes that in the box, then repeats it in the number sentance at the bottom, and totals it up.

I’ve gotten a FFG done for subtraction as well.  I’ll see about getting that one posted shortly.