Magical Fairy Dust Decorative Bottles




Mix 1/4 cup of regular table salt in a baggie and added a couple of teaspoons of coarse glitter (the kind used for crafts) and a couple of drops of essential oil


Pour into a pretty bottle.  Decorate with paper, rub-ons, ribbons, charms, etc. 


If desired, create a label and “directions”

*Sprinkle anywhere fairy magic is needed. (Fairy Dust)

*Promotes twinkle toes. (Dancing Fairy Dust)

*May cause uncontrollable laughter and smiling. (Giggle Dust)

*Promotes toothless smiles. (Tooth Fairy Dust)

*Allows dreams to come true. (Dream Dust)

*Sprinkle any time to add a little light to your life. (Sun Dust)

*Adds glamour to every Diva’s charm. (Diva Dust)

*Promotes happiness and laughter. (Twinkle Dust)

*Promotes happily ever after. (Once Upon a Time Dust)


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